Accord Stage Works is proud to introduce our latest two level Grease themed set design which is available now for hire . The new set is designed to house our amazing Grease Lighting Car.

The set has a clever design which accommodates both garage, dinner, high school and The Pink Ladies bedroom scene, all in one clever design.

The set construction is based on a certified Prolyte Stage DEX staging system with treads and handrails. The complete set structure offers a truly impressive centre piece for your production.

We are currently taking bookings for this new and exciting set and car package feel free to get in touch today.

The Set

Set dimensions are 9m wide and 4 metres deep, the set has 2 x sets of opening door’s on the lower level, one to conceal the garage and the other the diner.

The Grease lightning car can be housed within the garage as shown.

The upper floor has 1 pair of opening doors to hide the pink ladies bedroom. When the door are closed the scene is of a city scape grey on black.

The upper floor offers a performance space of 9x2m leading to a further front stage section join-ing this of 5x1m black hand rails are fitted on all sides with treads and rails leading up to second level.

The height from stage floor to second level is 2025mm and the total height including the second floor flats is 4025mm.

Greased Lightning

Our amazing transforming car designed to work with our two level Grease themed set. A complete rolling truck to house cast members with opening doors and bonnet.

Grease Lighting has the unique ability to transform in an instant, from Wreck to a fully restored 3/4 car version for your Cult Classic Grease stage shows and more.

In Need Of Restoration...

Grease lighting comes complete with lift of wings bonnet front bumper and grille, to leave an unloved rolling chassis complete with 2x rusty effect complete wheels that simply swap for restored version in an instant.

Grease Lighting Restored State after a quick transformation...

Set Plan

Here is the layout and measurements of the stage set plan, please contact us if you have any special requirements.


more information

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